We are keen to…

  • Encourage locals to share knowledge on anything and everything
  • Learn something you weren’t expecting
  • Collaborate and listen

 Our Aim is…

Our aim is a collaborated project within the creative people of Melbourne! We want to encourage and develop a local community art project which involves sharing knowledge on anything and everything, with a strong emphasis on artistic cultural traditions, embracing diversity and exploring various forms of artistic expression. The style of these workshops/classes/activities are planned to be informal and are taught by locals. Participation in the community led initiative Creative Commune program provides promotion and exposure to wide-reaching arts enthusiasts through various forms. The aim is to build a long term program that will encourage relationship building and creativity, as we believe that creativity is everywhere, just use your imagination!

Meet Creative Commune…

We are a husband + wife couple, with a love of cardboard bookshelves, scully + mulder and a casual Netflix binge!

So, we’ve started Creative Commune. Let the adventures begin!
JenJen studied events, loves anything shiny or thought provoking, wishes she could watch cat videos for a living or turn her life into a daily musical!
Tobetron studied graphic arts, loves dazzle-ships, Formula 1 and popcorn. He is a Lego master builder and has the hat to prove it!

Say hello to us hello@creativecommune.com.au

Jen Jen01